Residential properties in Denmark, Germany, Austria

Wohnimmobilien-in-wien Sankt-Johann-Gasse, Vienna

Residential real estate in Vienna

Since 2004, we have been investing in newly built, multifamily residential property across selected urban locations on our "home market" Vienna. The properties are bought to hold in our portfolio long-term. The rental units are marketed by reputable estate agents.

Additionally, we are developing attractive, multifamily residential buildings for both personal use and for global selling. Some interesting projects are currently in the planning phase or construction is just about to start.


Ismaninger Straße, Alt-Bogenhausen, München Ismaninger Straße, Alt-Bogenhausen, München

Residential real estate in Munich and Berlin

WALTER IMMOBILIEN has been investing in newly built, multifamily residential buildings in Munich and Berlin since 2014. Several projects are currently under construction.


Copenhagen Kopenhagen

Residential real estate in Copenhagen

Since 2019 Copenhagen is a new investment market for WALTER IMMOBILIEN. We are looking for and investing in newly built, turnkey multifamily residential projects in good locations in Copenhagen.

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